What does a low result for unbound IBC mean? My iron, transferrin saturation and IBC are all wnl.

Nothing. Reference ranges are set so that several percent of healthies arbitrarily fall outside. If you are otherwise well and have no signs of an iron problem on either end, ignore it.

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Serum iron 4umol/L Transferrin IBC 64umol/L Transferrin saturation 6% Serum ferritin assay 62ug/L Am I iron deficient? Levels on 2 iron tablets /day

Need to evaluate. All laboratory results need to be interpreted in the clinical context and the doctor who ordered the tests is usually in the best position to do that. Having said that, your results are consistent with iron deficiency. Do you have heavy periods? Do you eat a normal diet? Have you been evaluated for celiac disease? If you are not able to absorb oral iron, it may be given intravenously. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine. Read more...