I have severe debilitating back and leg pain, my legs and feet are numb for hours on end daily, my body is swollen, I have no energy, my teeth are rot?

See a MD. It sounds like you need multiple types of care... See an md, do, chiropractor or naturopathic doctor to begin some type of treatment.
Dentist & Physician. See a dentist for your dental problems and a physician for all your other ailments. Feel better soon..

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Also, I eat very little I am not hungry plus the above back pain, numbness, rotting teeth, no energy leg pain, numbness in legs and feet. Help?

Doctor eval. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. Some things can be helped by online advice, others warrant a trip to the doctor for a more thorough evaluation. If insurance is a problem, start with either a "county clinic" or try to find a federally qualified health center. Use google to look for one in your area. Both places offer free care or on a sliding scale if you don't qualify for medicaid.
See below. You sound like you are in poor health. If you haven't already you should see either your regular doctor if you have one or go to a walk in clinic to get some medical attention. There are a number of possible causes for your poor health and this is why you need a complete medical evaluation. I would advise you to do this as soon as possible.
Not Sure. I didn't see the beginning of your post. Due to the amount of medical problems your are having, let's just talk about the teeth. If you have dry mouth from, mouth-breathing, chemo, or medication side-effect, the bacteria in your mouth gets opportunistic! You heed to get the saliva flowing, sugar-free gum and mints will help get them going. Your saliva if your bodies defense against bacteria, .