Is there any new medications for depression that are not SSRIs or Wellbutrin, or Effexor (venlafaxine). Is there anything new? I feel like I've tried every med.

TheQuestionDepresses. Boy, that's a big question.First you say you've tried everything, but that must mean your doctor(s) have tried many prescription medications.Sorry about that.It's really tough to stay motivated,but you have to! There's a world of alternative therapies and approaches for this.Google it! Right now you have to stay active.It's always the next necessary thing to do.It's documented that exercise helps.
If you and. your doctor agree that you have tried all traditional treatments, there are other options. One with a good success rate and an undeserved bad rap is ECT or Electroconvulsive therapy. Another, experimental but so far promising treatment is Ketamine administered under the close supervision of your Psychiatrist and at intervals based on your response. Re-looking at your diagnosis may be necessaryDiscuss with your doctor the need to reevaluate your diagnosis first and then consider other treatments. You deserve to feel well. If at any time you feel you want to harm yourself please call 911 immediately.