Is piracetam safe in multiple sclerosis and leukopenia and if combined with interferons, escitalopram, ginko and another supplements?

Perhaps safe, but. Really has NO beneficial role in MS in spite of online comments, and opinion that gingko is of no value for any neurological condition whatsoever. So save your money. Would suggest though that you discuss all of this with your neurologist, and consider oral medication instead of injections.
Possibly. According to several databases it's safe with your medication but information on its safety with ginko and other supplements was not easy to establish. I would strongly suggest discussing this with your physician.

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Is there gained risk of seizures from bupropion (150) when using with escitalopram (5mg) and interferons (for multiple sclerosis)? I taking all of them.

Yes there is. Escitalopram can increase toxic effects of bupropion which means increasing its ALREADY basline risk of causing seizures. The beta interferon does not increase seizure risk alone or in combination with anything. Buproprion dose should be kept to a minimum if no other alternative exists to treat the same clinical problem. Read more...
THEORETICAL. Risk of seizure activity is likely minimal, as your dosing is certainly not excessive. If you do have MS, risk of seizure activity is roughly about 6-7%, and this should NOT be accentuated by your medications. As an aside, there is likely no real risk of seizure activity from an interferon, but have mainly phased out in favor of newer oral agents. Check your calcium and vitamin D levels. Read more...