Y would diastolic BP lower after exercise, is that normal. How quickly should your heart rate go up during exercise and how far. Is 80 high resting ra?

Yes! Normally diastolic blood pressure will fall during exercise and for several hours afterwards. This is because off vasodilation that normally occurs. Systolic BP should always rise. However, in hypertension, the diastolic pressure will rise too, imposing an unnecessary work load on the heart. Increase in heart rate is based on exercise intensity. Normally the HR max is 220-age in years.
Heart rate exercise. During exercise the response of heart rate and blood pressure is related to the intensity and duration of the exercise load. If you do high intensity exercise reaching the high intensity rapidly, your rate and bp will go up faster than a slow gradual increase in exercise to a low intensity exercise level. Postsustained exercise period during which vasodilation occurs,diastolic may be low.

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If somebody has high heart rate (>90 at rest) it is very easy to hit the max HR during exercise even moderate. How safe is to exercise at that level?

Slowly increase... Lack of conditioning can lead to a HR that increases rather quickly with exercise. Slowly increasing the duration & exertion with exercise - and being consistent with exercise will help lead to a lower resting HR and a slower increase. The max HR recommendations are safe; however, it isn't easy to maintain them for a length of time that would be beneficial. Build up your tolerance. Read more...