Is too much vitamin K bad for those with high blood pressure?

Vitamin K. If you only have high blood pressure, vitamin K is not going to worsen blood flow and may even help. Vitamin K needs to be avoided if you are on blood thinners, since blood thinner help to control clots, that is where the misconception lies.
Wondering. Wonderin if you meant potassium (K) which is a salt rather than Vit K which is used to counter act too much thinning of the blood usually from drugs like warfarin or from liver failure Taking more potassium salt rather than sodium salt can lower your BP .Of course Vit K has something to do with blood clotting not blood pressure.
Not an issue. Vitamin K should not have much to do with blood pressure. But you do not need huge amounts of Vitamin K as it is well stored in the body. If it has been prescribed continue as directed, but if you are taking extra on your own I would discuss with your doctor.