What negative health complication could arise when doing protein shake diet, high protein, zero carb and zero fat, for a short period (10 days)?

Putting a lot of. stress on your kidneys. Good fats help maintain skin, brain health, digestion, and absorption of vital nutrients from food, vegetables, fruits, and enzymes. So not having that for 10 days seems rather severe.Also, there is thought that a no fat diet tends to make people have less satiety and feel hungry more. What type of protein, vegetable or meat? It's not a balanced approach.Low carb is better.
Several:DependsOnThe. (1) Status of health/disease (hidden) issues (even not symptomatic) before starting, (2) the nature of all the various actual (& balance of) components within this concocted food substitute, (3) Zero fat (rarely reality) not healthy, (4) Zero carb (rarely reality), OK. Given stated issues & treatments, not likely good idea. Study DietDoctor.com, Peter Attia, NUSI.org FatChance.html & my answers.