Are vaccination shots more harmful to children then we know. They try to link it to autisim and adhd. I'm concerned about it for my grandbabies.?

No harm at all if... There is no harm from routine children's vaccinations, if one compares the number of occasional "swollen arm" type of reactions and very rare "allergic" type of reactions, with the thousands and thousands of dead and disabled children that would result from not having vaccines for the (~14) bad childhood diseases. Vaccines have nothing to do with acne, adhd, angina, appendicitis, autism, etc....
No. They are not causes of autism, adhd, pimples, heavy traffic, global warming or anyt other thing they are being linked to. Fear mongering, by pseudocientists, with no controlled studies or scientific evidence.It is sad that there are still children dying of pertusis, meningitis, and other diseases that could have been prevented.
Not at all. any evidence to draw such a conclusion amongst numerous bona fude studies.
Memory issue. Ben Franklin wrote in his memoirs he regretted not letting his son receive the smallpox vaccine, since that took his life.In the 4 decades I practiced,vaccine haters always had a scare tactic.CP/crib death/now autism.The research cited for the autism link was faked & the doc lost his license/left Britain in disgrace.Your concern is always appropriate, but the vaccines are safe and effective.