I have ibs, with recent stools that have yellow spots in it. Now there is blood in the stool. Something to be concerned about?

Yes. Ibs is usually not associated with blood in stool unless it is due to hemorrhoids. I suspect you may not have the correct diagnosis. Please see a GI doctor or colorectal surgeon for a thorough work up. No amount of bleeding is normal.
See a doctor. Bleeding in the stool can be very serious... You need to see a doctor to check this one out.

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Can IBS be the main cause for blood in stool?

Not usually in blood. Rectal bleeding is not usually symptom of ibs. Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, diverticular disease, infection , cancer etc. Should consult physician for exam, blood tests, possibly endoscopy and sometimes imaging. Read more...

Have massive constipation. Just went a little the size of a pebble and had blood in stool. Do I have cancer? Or ibs?

Trying to poop a. Brick by straining caused the blood. It seems like top and bottom approach needed. Fleets enema from below; citrat of magnesis by mouth. Last try before going to urgent care for manual disempactment no joy for you or provider. Then solve how you got this way, and how to prevent. Unlikely cancer or ibs. Narcotics cause this. Do not use bisacodyl product (dulcolax) stimulant. Read more...

What are good over-the-counter meds for IBS with constapation my constapation goes away then comes back also have bad gas no blood in stool I'm 28?

Stool softener. Two products that are over the counter should be used. The first is the stool softner colace (docusate sodium) taken every day. If an episode of constipation occurs one then uses a fleets enema as needed. In years past older people with sever constipation went to a clinic for high colonic enemas. The practice has essentially stopped. Read more...