My wisdom tooth on the bottom left side is loose. I'm missing my molar next to it already. Am I able to pull it out myself?

Not recommended! Never pull out a loose tooth yourself to prevent future complications (e.g.. infection, broken, root, tooth aspiration). Oral health can have an impact on your overall general health. The rule of thumb, NEVER unnecessarily put your health in danger.
Not wise. The chances of complications, such as infection or uncontrolled bleeding, is high. And why are you loosing teeth? Could it be from gum/bone infection that requires immediate care? You need professional care to reestablish good oral health. Failure to care for yourself is counterintuitive and can be very dangerous. Please call a Dentist.
Unknown. Anesthesia? Experience in extracting teeth? Experience in dealing with post operative complications? Proper, sterile instruments? It would be wise to allow a professional to extract this tooth, since the risks far outweigh the benefits.