D I had a stroke two years ago and today is clear that it was caused by patent foramen ovale. Can I keep doing sports like swimming, running, fitness?

Probably. First, we can rarely guarantee that a stroke is caused by a pfo--20-25% of the general population has a pfo, which means that anyone who has a stroke for any reason has a 20% chance of having a pfo. That being said, the younger and healthier a patient is, the more likely it is that the pfo was related to stroke. There is no contraindication to exercise with pfo. Check with your doctor to be sure.
Probably you can. A patent foramen oval is a hole between 2 top chambers of heart (atria) that don't close after birth (25% people). First sx is a stroke, often affecting numb or weakness one side of body, vision, balance, speech. Most rx w blood thinner to, prevent another cva, physical and ot; few surgery. U r < 50 y/o & otherwise healthy. You can do anything you put your mind to!