Is aspergers a curse or a blessing?

It's not magic. On the whole, it's probably a plus. Choose a sport that's about endurance / strength rather than coordination / teamwork. Say only nice things. Get guidance with social skills that others learn naturally. Focus on science / tech rather than comics / train schedules and you'll go far in life. If being alone / single is okay with you, you're extra-fortunate. Embrace who you are. Best wishes.
It's neither; it's a. neurodevelopmental disorder. AS is now Autistic Spectrum Disorder Type 1, to emphasize that diminished facial recognition, joint attention & Theory of Mind underlie deficits in social communication/reciprocity as in all with ASD. A criterion of the old diagnosis AS was an IQ of 70 or >. A cognitive level in the normal range, lower degree of ASD & good response to therapy improve prognosis .