What could this pea-sized breast lump be? (age 28) Is it a potential cancer risk?

Possible. At age 28, defining a breast lesion should be by palpation or sonography and not mammography. Sono showing a regular solid lesion suggests fibroadenoma. If cystic on sono it should subside or can be aspirated. If lesion is firm and possibly irregular excisional bx needed since while Ca is rare it can occur at age 28.

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I have a pea-sized breast lump age 28, potential cancer risk?

Risk is VERY low! Any breast lump can be benign or cancerous. Important things are: has it grown, changed, gotten harder, deformed, dimpled the skin, made the skin over it red or swollen, or become associated with lumps in your armpit? At age 28, the chance of a lump being cancer is about 1/10,000 -- which is NOT zero. Please see a breast specialist for an exam, and likely an ultrasound. Good luck to you! Read more...

I hv breast lump since 3 yrs. Now I feel pain in breast and armpit. Usg showed fibrodenoma of 8mm, prolactin is high. Can cancer remain same size? 26age

Rare. It is rare for breast cancers to remain the same size for 3 yrs. You situation can be explained by the elevated prolactin level, which will cause breast swelling and tenderness. Cause for high prolactin include certain medications, brain tumors, and othe4rr glands not working well. Read more...