What are the types of vulvar cancer? What type of vulvar cancer do I have?

Squamous, Melanomas. Vulvar malignancies are more rare than some cancers and usually arise from skin (squamous cell) or pigment skin cells (malignant melanoma). The squamous carcinoma is commonly related to the human papilloma virus (hpv) #16. The hpv virus is usually transmitted by sexual contact. Treatment can include biopsy, sometimes surgical removal, freezing, lasar, other methods and evaluation for metastasis.
Vulvar cancer. The most common type of invasive vulvar cancer is squamous cell. The second most common type is melanoma. Adenocarcinoma, sarcomas, and others are more rare. I do not know you, but the odds are that you have a pre-cancer of the vulva. This is squamous pre- cancer an overwhelming amount of the time.