How is osteoporosis treated?

Osteoporosis. For osteoporosis, it's weight bearing exercise, calcium and vitamin D3 supplementation, keep your weight down. Medications when necessary would include Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva (ibandronate). You'd need bone density tests every two to three years after you reach the menopause and treat more aggressively with medications dependent on the results.
2 ways. Hi. The two broad categories of osteoporosis treatment are anti-resorptive drugs and anabolic drugs. There are many anti-resorptive drugs (sex hormones, SERMs, bisphosphonates, anti-osteoprotegerin drugs). There is only one anabolic drug, teriparatide. Treating osteoporosis depends on identifying and treating any underlying risks to poor bone health. It's not as simple as many people think.

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How is steroid-induced osteoporosis (siop) treated?

Several medications. Steroid-induced osteoporosis can be prevented if a bisphosphonate drug or Forteo is taken during the time of steroid use. If osteoporosis is already present the same drugs would be helpful in preventing further loss but a return to normal bone density would be unlikely. Read more...