What could be the reason behind having high HCG levels?

HCG. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that normally supports the development of the egg in the ovary, its release and then helps support pregnancy. However, some abnormal tissues can also produce this hormone or one very similar to it. Most pregnancy tests are based on this hormone. It use as a tumor marker requires a different setting and test system.

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What causes low hCG levels? I ovulated a week early could that be a reason?

It depends. Hcg levels identify a pregnancy. Low levels may represent a very early pregnancy depending on how many days you are late for your expected period. You will have to have more tests to see if it doubles or not. If it decreases you had a chemical pregnancy. Talk with your OB about getting further tests to see if the pregnancy is normal. Read more...

If hCG level reduces slowly than expected will there be a reason other than miscarriage?

No. Hcg has a fairly long half life so it may take some time for the levels to fall. Usually HCG levels are followed after medical treatment for ectopic pregnancy or after spontaneous abortion. Read more...