My wife has hCG value of 86 on 9.10 and 214 on 11.10 no ultrasound yet. Got IVF on 28.09. Ectopic pregnancy?

Normal. An hCG going from 86 to 214 in two days time is a normal rise in hCG and should be considered a positive sign. An ectopic is still a possibility but with IVF I am sure an early ultrasound will be done soon which will, with luck, confirm a normal pregnancy.

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IVF oct 17. Positive obeta hCG 29 oct. Back pain consistently last few days. Is this normal or sign of ectopic pregnancy?

Follow levels. Congrarulations and good luck. The pain is likely nothing to worry about, but you should have the BHCG level followed up to make sure everything is OK. Also, a progesterone level would be helpful in making sure everything is ok. Read more...