How can I increase my breast size without surgery?

Not recommended. Gaining weight is usually not a desirable way to increase breast size. Injectable fillers exist however are more difficult to predict outcome. Direct silicone injections are dangerous. I would discuss this with a plastic surgeon that is board certified in plastic surgery.
Not likely. This is not likely to happen. I wound say to try toning the muscles of the chest so that they push out breast and improve body posture with shoulders pulled back. Otherwise enjoy what you were given. Nothing beats natural!

Related Questions

Can I increase my breast size with no surgery?

Not possible. You can try exercising the pectoral (chest wall muscles) and consider the using of certain undergarments to enhance what you already have; however, the breast tissue itself cannot be enlarged without surgical augmentation.

Are there ways to increase your breast size without surgery?

Pregnancy. Women who give birth experience enlarged breasts for breast feeding. However, other than that, there isn't another proven way of enhancing breast size without surgery. Hope that helps!

How to increase breast size without surgery?

Illusion or gain wt. The only way to truly increase breast size without surgery is to gain weight since the breasts gain fat too. Otherwise, the use of illusion through complementary clothing and underwear, as well as focusing on good posture are the only strategies.
Many ways but safe? There are many potential ways to increase the size of your breasts non-surgically which include hormone supplements, oral contraceptives, weight gain, pregnancy, etc. However, these all have risks and must be taken into context. The brava device may accomplish a one cup size enhancment using an external expansion device that must be worn for several months.

Can there be any way to increase breast size without surgery?

Weight gain. Besides pregnancy and weight gain there are no non-surgical alternatives to enlarging your breasts at home.
Only surgery. The only proven reliable method that is permanent is surgery - either with implants or fat transfer. There are no creams, pills, exercises or other methods that have been proven to work.
Breast augmentation. There is no medication that will make the breasts larger. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure using a silicone or saline implant to achieve the desired size. One relatively new option (and somewhat controversial) is using a device called brava for a period of time followed by transfer of fat from one area of your body to the breast during surgery. This option avoids the implant.

Is there anyway to increase my breast size, witgout plastic surgery?

No. Else most of the plastic surgeons would become unemployed. Bulking up the pectoral muscles with exercises may make the breasts look slightly larger but not likely to be that impressive.
Not much. Some (small) increases can be there with 1. Weight gain 2. Exercises and 3. Suction cups. Buy, if you have to go for plastic surgery, if you want a significant increase in size.

Wondering if there is any way to increase breast size besides surgery?

Perhaps. There is a "non-surgical" method of obtaining a slight increase in breast size however it is somewhat tedious and "not for every patient." the brava system will allow a woman to increase her breast size by 1/2 to 1 cup size by utilizing specialized "suction cups" that are placed over the breasts for extended periods of time over the course of several months.
Bravo. There is a suction device called the bravo system. Compliance is difficult. Not sure how well it works. Google it.