My heart PVCs have started to get worse as I'm walking. But the cardiologist still can't find anything wrong with my heart. Still anxiety?

On and on, until. Chronic Anxiety has a lot of staying power. It hangs on, even discovers new ways to bother you until you learn ways to avoid, reduce and manage it. Acute anxiety is functional - it's our species response to immediate threat. Chronic may be meaningless - it's just there. CBT therapy is very effective if you find a therapist you trust and work at learning. It's a good value for better living! Best!

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I was diagnosed with MVP and PVC's after having severe anxiety attacks. My cardiologist wasn't very helpful and told me, "it's not a big deal and to just get over it, that I would be fine." I'm still worried that my heart will just stop so I'm to scared

Mitral valve anxiety. While clinicians often diagnose the "mitral valve prolapse syndrome" with palpitations, anxiety, and other symptoms, in truth the association between the valve and the symptoms is not at all certain in most cases. If you truly have an abnormal mitral valve, as diagnosed by echo and interpreted by an expert, then a cardiologist can give you advice. In most cases no treatment is needed. Read more...