How many times should I eat per day?

Depends. Ideally we should eat when we're hungry, but social norms have centered around 3 meals (or 4 in some countries) within less than a 12-hour period. Many people benefit from eating 4-6 "mini meals" a day to prevent low blood sugar or help control sugar or because they've had surgical procedures to limit size of stomach or for tumors. If you have medical condition, ask your doc about this.

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How many times should I eat/per day while im 150 pounds and 5'10 african american?

Congratulations. On maintaining a good weight for your height. You have a normal bmi and i would not recommend any changes since you seem to have been doing well "weight wise" on your current diet. Just make sure you get at least the minimum recommended amount of protein and calories per day for someone like you. Eat as often as you like, just try to keep it as balanced and healthy as possible. Read more...