I have a brain tumor with epilepsy and it was cause by a car accident 2 year ago. I been having alot of headaches with dizziness and weakness.

Brain tumor epilepsy. When is your next appointment with your neurologist? Sounds like you need to be seen very soon. If your weakness involves less muscle strength instead of just fatigue, it is more urgent. If your dizziness is vertigo, the world spinning around you, it would be best to be seen ASAP to have neural imaging in the ER. Have someone drive you or call 911. Do not drive, please.

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I have a headache for two weeks and I become dizzy with the pain and sometimes nausus, lately its been affecting my sleep, could it be a brain tumor?

Exam. See your doctor for a thorough exam and discuss a work up plan. A CT may be part of the plan but it can involve a fair amount of radiation. All the best in sorting this out. Read more...