My heart rate fluctuates from 80 to 105 to 85 and continues to fluctuate. I am nervous that my heart rate fluctuates this much, possible causes?

It is Normal. Heart rate fluctuates from 60 to 100. Some people have tendency to run very slow in their 60s and some have higher base line HR. Anxiety can increase heart rate because of Adrenaline secretion. SO please calm down. If you having symptoms with it please go to your doctor.
Normal. It is common for our heart rate to fluctuate depending on activity, anxiety, just being nervous about something, or taking certain medications. Top heart rate of 105 is not of concern. If you use your Albuterol inhaler it will cause your heart rate to elevate as it has a stimulant affect on the heart and can also make you jittery. If you are greatly concerned I recommend seeing your doc.

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