My wife has swollen jaw, 102 fever, backache and has had one vomiting last night. Took penicillin antibiotic. Is it mumps? She has pain in swollen jaw

ABCESS, get seen. I recommend getting seen and possibly getting a stat ct scan to look for an organized abcess (pus collection). This abcess may need incision & drainage (w/ cultures) to determine what the best antibiotic choice, however the surgery is usually the proper treatment. High fever, body aches, vomiting are signs of systemic infection (bacteria in blood) so I would go right away! Hope your better soon!
Swollen jaw and feve. She needs to be examined by a doctor to find out if it is parotidis, or infection in cheek or dental infection. I will advice you see md asapbr go to er. She may need antibiotics.