Bloated tummy and severe abdominal pain. No gas or diarrhea?

Go to the ER.. These can be signs of a life-threatening problem and you need to be evaluated as soon as possible.
Emergency. This could be a surgical emergency. See your doctor asap or go to the nearest er.

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Diarrhea, irregularity, excessive gas, abdominal pain for a month. Taking probiotic, Metamucil. What could I have? What can I do for relief?

See doctor. Diarrhea that persists thatt long can be serious. Infection, inflammation, food intolerance and other causes should be considered.

I have had diarrhea for 2 days now 2nd day was worse I'm now burping and have gas and a little of abdominal pain?

May be viral. Hard to say after 48 hours of symptoms. If you have had any bloody stools, black tarry looking stools, worsening abdominal pain, you definitely need to see a health professional for diagnosis asap. If not, consider taking a probiotic, staying well-hydrated with electrolyte containing fluids. If not resolved in a week, need to see a doc to rule out other causes.

Severe upper abdominal pain that goes to my back. Nauseated, fatigue, and diarrhea. What could be causing this pain.?

Severe upper abd pai. There are a number of things that can be causing this. Without knowing your past medical history and surgical history and keeping able to examine you myself, I highly recommend you see your doctor ASAP to be sure you don't have an expanding aortic aneurysm.

Diarrhea episodes the day before, sharp lower quadrant abdominal pain bilaterally relieved by passing gas. What could it be? 28 year male with no pmh

Usu diet/minor virus. If you are fine now, a brief episode of diarrhea in a healthy person may be due to something in your diet or to a minor viral infection. If you continue to have symptoms, make an appointment with your physician. Pay attention to see if there are any foods that seem to regularly give you diarrhea such as, for example, dairy products. Black or bloody diarrhea should get checked by a doctor.

Explosive diarrhea with undigested food. Gas. Left lower abdominal pain gurgling in stomach and feels like rectum. 1 week?

Explosive diarrea. Hello ~ text book description of GIARDIASIS, intestinal infection by Giardia Lamblia. Go to GP and get request to go for stool Microscopy and culture. The G lamblia has a very characteristic appearance under microscope and is easily diagnosed and do Giardia EIA test to confirm diagnosis. Rx is FLAGYL 250mg tid x 5 days.

Having severe headache, middle back pain and neck pain, upper abdominal pain (can't lay on side) diarrhea. Just diagnosed with strep yesterday. Help!

Strep. Common symptoms include headache fever and sore throat. Other symptoms include: nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, muscle pain, or rash. The diarrhea could be related to the anabiotic and if it is persistent could actually be an anabiotic associated infection called c diff colitis. If the diarrhea persists a stool sample will be necessary. Otherwise alternating tylenol (acetaminophen) and Ibuprofen plenty of rest and fluids is the treatment.

I've had this problem for 5 days with abdominal pain, diarrhea some, gas, and bloating. Do I go to ER or wait to see my family doctor?

See Family Doc. The symptoms you are describing do not sound like an emergency and can be evaluated by your family doctor.
Symptoms are not ER. -worthy, unless your diarrhea is resulting in dehydration. Are your mouth and lips dry? Are you peeing less? Do you feel your heart racing? If not, you're less likely to be dehydrated. 5 days of diarrhea, pain, gas, and bloating sounds like a problem your family doctor should be able to take care of.
Family doctor. Nothing you described is life threatening. I think your interests would be better served by seeing you family doctor. If you develop fever or the abdominal pain is severe or centered in the right side, lower abdomen, you should go to the ER.
R/O GASTROENTERITIS. R/O gastroenteritis with severity of symptoms you are very dehydrated, please seek ER eval. If symptoms persist you need to be examined and have labs checked and stool for H pylori the ulcer causing bacteria. Given your age a CT Scan may be needed to R/O appendicitis/diverticulitis. Lastly an endoscopy and colonoscopy if symptoms persist.

Passed gas earlier, liquid diarrhea came out instead. No abdominal pain. Had regular, but hard stool, bowl movement earlier. What's wrong?

Common. It is something you are that create the gas and the loose stool so you end up with starting eat yogurt and banana and your digestive system will reboot itself back to your normal status. Good like spicy or greasy or rich like Alfredo sauce will cause this reaction in some people.