So I didn't think my boyfriend had a canker sore in his lip but that day after he gave me oral sex I got red blisters that popped and they hurt like crazy and it burns to pee.... I think I have genital herpes and I don't want my parents to find out I'm so

May be herpes. You may have genital herpes. Although, it's unlikely that it would have appeared so soon (the day after) exposure (oral sex) since they is a period of time before symptoms manifest (incubation period). The average time is 4 days but may range from 2 to 12 days. You should see you doctor for an evaluation and definitely during any period when there is genital ulcers or blisters for a diagnosis.
Herpes. There are good medications that your doctor can prescribe for this problem. The sooner it's treated the better the outcome will be. Let your doctor know what happened so you can get the proper treatment.
Most likely. But don,t be scared. Ask to see your doctor who will evaluate you and prescribe medication to give you some relief. Your doctor will not discuss this with your parents once instructed not to do so. Good luck.