I have noticed that my left foot does not land in the same manner as my right when I run, enough so that it is noticeable. Should this be a concern?

Depends. It is a concern if it is causing discomfort or if you are planning on increasing your mileage. If either of these thing are happening, then see a foot doctor for evaluation. This discrepancy may not be a problem for everyday activities, but when you increase the repetitions and stress of running, this could potentially develop into a problem. Dr l.
Runner's feet. The gait cycle allows our feet to go the the same process every time we talk a step to walk or run. Walking allows both feet to be on the ground at the same time for a percentage of the gait cycle. However, running is different because the feet are not hitting the ground at the same time and this can cause so imbalance. You should try to increase your stability by running on even surfaces.
Pain? If there is pain associated with this discrepancy then yes have it checked out. You should still have it checked out of no pain but maybe you can have someone see you run and see if they notice anything different on each side.