My daughter went to sleep fine then this morning she woke up With a swollen eye help?

Examine the eye. This is usually one of 3 things.A bug bite to the outer aspect of the eye lids or upper cheek, A foreign body in the eye, or pinkeye. Rarely it can be the first stage of an infection in the soft tissues of the eyelids or eye socket. If you need to see the kids doc to be sure.
Dependent edema. This is probably dependent edema, meaning that she had her head in a position that allowed fluid to collect on the eyelid area. This is not uncommon in children especially if they have a side preference. Look for resolution within 24 hours. If there is a bug bite, scratch or lesion or if she can not move her eyeball you should seek medical attention.

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My daughter (14) woke up with a swollen eye which is completely shut. She had some irratation from some make up she tried on saturday and washed it off. I am wondering if she got some of it in the eye. She had some swelling on sunday but now her eye is

Your . Your daughter should be evaluated by her physician as soon as possible today. Based on the exam she may be referred to an ophthalmologist for treatment. Failure to diagnose and manage the problem could result in permanent damage and vision loss. She should not go to school as she might have a contagious condition. Read more...
Should be examined. she may have a foreign body under the upper eyelid or a scratched cornea. She should have an eye examination if this does not clear in 24 hours. Read more...