Can you have anxiety tight chest feeling without being anxious?

Diagnosis of exclusn. Anxiety as a cause of chest tightness is a diagnosis of exclusion. That is, after all other causes have been ruled out, it can be considered. If you're not feeling anxious, I would look for a different cause. Asthma is very common in your age range and I'd be suspicious that's a contributing factor. Muscle strain would be next on my list, depending on your physical activities.

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Having bad anxiety after visiting the gyn for 1st time 2 days ago. Chest tightness, weird feeling in throat etc. Feel so stressed about appt still.?

See a therapist . It may be helpful for you to see a therapist for an assessment and to talk about your feelings. Having a professional to talk to about your experience may help you understand yourself better and help you reduce your anxiety about future visits. . Read more...