Is it a good approach to follow holistic methods for a better overall health?

Integrative med. Its best to use all the available information and treatments available to you. Integrating western medicine with holistic med provide a great way to provide total coverage. For example, for upset stomach, anti-aging, cancer-fighting qualities, I use turmeric in my diet. It has proven a very effective spice in ayurvedic medicine for 1000's of years. Plus, if you like curry, it's a win-win.
HOLLISTIC MEDICINE. Well it is not easy to answer but I will. The traditional medicine is practiced based on scinitific studies and based on many years of research. The holistic medicine is vast and encompases several different approaches like yoga, meditation, chinese medicine accupuncture, homeopathy, message therapy, diet etc. Some have proven track record and others are questionable. You make up your mind.