On atenelol 25 mg 2x a day for pressure and levothyroxine137 cardiol wants me to take a 81 mg aspirin everyday had tests no heart dis do u agree re as?

Yes. Very much so. Plenty of evidence that this dose of aspirin is cardio-protective , helps prevent strokes, may help prevent colon cancer. With your history of hypertension, it is a great recommendation.
Depends. The main benefit of aspirin is the cardiovascular risk reduction. In patients with either established heart disease or high risk for heart disease the benefits of taking an aspirin outweighs the risk. I see you have high blood pressure but I am not sure of your other risk factors. But if you have them then it is reasonable to take an aspirin every day. .
ASPIRIN PROPHYLAXIS. Yes, ASPRIN decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. Also decreased risk of colon cancer.
Individual. From a medical point of view the ? is whether we are using Aspirin for primary or secondary prevention. If you have had h/o cardiovascular disease the answer is a clear cut - yes. But if this is for primary prevention. then all guidelines suggests generally in higher risk women (usually above 55 years of age) aspirin in beneficial. You need to discuss the risks/benefits/rationale with your pcp.