I'm a 16 male and and I feel something abnormal underneath my right nipple. What are some of the other symptoms of male breast cancer?

Relax. Another trick. Your body is playing. It's called gynecomastia. It can be one or both sides. Caused by testosterone; does not mean you are a girl. It can be embarrassing. But there is no reason to do anything and it is not cancer. Older men can get it as a side effect of some drugs. Male breast cancer is usually older men, or at least older than 25. You do not have breast cancer.
Hardness,bleeding. At your age this is very common to have enlargement of the glands under one nipple(gynecomastia) -- show it to your doctor. Cancer is hard, may ulcerate and bleed, retract nipple this is not you-- wrong age and fairly rare. Other causes of gynecomastia are anti ulcer meds, marijuana but the rest of the associated meds usually are old people drugs.