I suffer from panic and agoraphobia. Dad and I have a bad relationship he's verbally abusive and puts me down. Yet I still sadly need his help. : (?

Peace talks. Diplomacy skills are your best hope. World-wide, they are difficult. It's evident that however difficult, they are the only possible solution. Tiny gains must be cherished. An experienced unbiased 3rd party can really help set the stage for negotiations. If a therapist is too threatening an idea - consider a mutually respected other. 1st step can be to establish basic co-existence goals. Best!
Sounds like you need. to work things out with dad more urgently which may in fact, help with your other symptoms of panic & agoraphobia. I wouldn't be surprised if dad needed you as much as vice versa....for whatever the reason you both can't find the right railroad track to meet on. Have you sought out a therapist? Perhaps, the 2 of you could attend a session or 2? Or is dad resistant to that sort of "bull's wool?"