How can I relieve the symptoms of migraine headaches?

Lots. See a neurologist or pain medicine md with headache treatment experience. The latest research indicates that overuse of either triptans or opiates is associated strongly with changing the headaches from now and again to more frequent problems. So, try to get some help with non-drig treatment!
Yes... You may want to consider having your doctor/headache specialist see if Botox can be approved for your migraine headaches. If it works you could have significantly less migraines for at least 3-4 months at a time. Many times people's migraines are cut in half if not more. The use of your oral migraine prevention medications and abortives are much more helpful and reduce occurrences even better.
Botox and Surgery. Long term relief of migraines can be achieved with botox. If you have a good response, you may be a candidate for surgery. Surgery has been shown to dramatically decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. Www. Themigrainereliefcenter. Com.