Does a hand tendon injury have major presenting symptoms?

Loss of function. If a tendon is cut or ruptures, it can no longer straighten or bend the joint it is crossing. So if you lose the ability to bend or straighten a joint, there is a good chance you have a tendon injury.
Usually. Usually an injury to the hand will result in lack of full extension or flexion in one of the fingers. In some cases where there is a laceration, the specific injury is more obvious. In some cases a tendon might be injured without a laceration making the diagnosis and a precise orthopedic exam very important. Most tendon injuries need to be treated shortly after the injury for the best result.

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What is the definition or description of: Hand tendon injury?

See below. Tendons are tubular soft tissue structured that connect muscles to bones. When muscles contract, they pull on tendons which transmit that force to the bones causing motion. Tendons can be injured by over use or sudden injury. When they occur in the hand they would be described as hand tendon injuries. Severe hand tendon injuries may require surgery and extensive rehab.

What is the treatment for hand tendon injury?

Depends. Which tendon is it? Most flexor tendons require surgical repair. For extensor tendons, if it is a laceration it should be repaired. If it is a rupture, many may be treated with splinting, but it depends on the location.
Surgery. If a tendon has been completely cut it needs to be repaired in the operating room by a hand surgeon.
A HAND tendon may. Require surgery, splinting or observation depending upon the location, the percentage of injury and the preconditions prior to the injury. However a prompt assesment by a hand surgeon or a comparably trained health care provider is needed to determine the proper course of action. Hand surgeons are well versed in these decisions http://getahanddoc. Blogspot. Com/.