Can swollen, firm lymph nodes be predictive symptoms of non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

Maybe. Enlarged lymph nodes are present in many conditions, most commonly in viral illnesses. However, enlarged lymph nodes that persist beyond about 6 weeks should be evaluated for the possibility of lymphoma or other illness.

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Can I have lymphoma (hodgkin or non-hodgkin)? I have 2 lymph nodes in neck (12*6 and 12*7) mm, itching, hot skin but no fever.

Could you? Yes you could, but you could also have lots of other reasons for those palpable nodes. Go see your doc and get a good evaluation. Hopefully is nothing of concern.

Is it true that lymph drainage massage help someone with follicular non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

NO. Follow accepted treatment given by the oncologist.
No. Lymphatic drainage massage will not help or harm a patient with follicular lymphoma except it may relieve some anxiety.

I am having pains in the lymph node that was biopsied and found to have non-hodgkin's lymphoma the aggressive fast-growing you think that is an indication that it has come back after being free from cancer for a year and?

Hard to tell. Pain is not a specific symptom of cancer recurrence. Although, you are at a definitely high risk for cancer recurrence, it doesn't mean the pain is 100% cancer related one. I would get a consult from your oncologist on that.

I have history of painless enlarged lymph nodes 3.2 cm, fna neg non-hodgkin 's (7/09). Past week I've had painful thyroid/local area. Any correlation?

Possibly. Where was your enlarged node? 3.2 cm is quite large and concerns me. I know the fna was negative but I would suggest seeing a surgeon and removing the node, provided its easy to get to it. If its deep and difficult to reach I would suggest a ct guided core needle biopsy performed by an interventional radiologist. No idea if this node has any relation to your thyroid.

Can symptoms of non hodgkin's lymphoma improve without chemo?

For a short time. Symptoms due to lymphoma are best managed by treatment. Sometimes a short course of steroids wil be of help. Pressure symptoms may be relived by radiation. Chemotherapy with immunotherapy is still the best approach in most cases.
No. Non-hodgkin lymphoma (nhl), like other cancers, requires treatment. That treatment can be varied (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation), but it is required for the cancer to be treated. It will not regress on its own.

What are the symptoms of non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

None or Many. Swollen glands fever sweats weight loss pain alcohol intolerance rash shortness of breath fatigue swelling headache itching assorted other symptoms depending on type, location, stage, organ involvement, etc/.
Multiple. The diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma, like any other cancer, should be managed by an oncologist. Many signs and symptoms are possible at presentation including unexplained weight loss, lymph node enlargement, lack of appetite, night sweats, prolonged fever, enlarged spleen and/or liver, etc.