How to get my naturally yellow teeth white?

Different ways. Otc whitening strips are effective if used properly (crest whitestrips are a good brand). Also custom made mouthpieces with 10% carbamide perioxide placed in them and supervised by a dentist are probably the number one way to address your concern. Stay away from mall kiosks where tooth whitening is done - very dangerous and possibly illegal in some states.
Zoom. Many dentists use a technique called "zoom". It consists of making a mold of your teeth, applying a special type, of, bleaching so union and exposing your teeth to a specific type of light.

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How can I get rid of yellow teeth naturally?

Ortho phosphoricacid. Use super phosphozyme $15 by biotic research. Use few drops in your mouth after few min rinse - teeth will be brilliant white. After this brush teeth with baking soda to remove acid from teeth prevents dental scaling visit. If you want to prevent scales forming use magnetized water - by using imrs mat with 70mt for 8 min and drink this water scales will not be able to form. Read more...
Various ways. Depending on the source of discoloration, external versus internal, there are different ways to whiten teeth. You can use a whitening system (paste, bleaching strips, custom made trays), or something more permanent such as veneers. You would need to consult your dentist to determine your best option. Each has its pros and cons. Read more...