My daughter has white spots in mouth?

Could be something. This may be something or not. Kids get white patches on their tongue sometime from drinking milk. They can get a fungal infection on their gums, they can have whit spots from various infections. If the kid is doing fine,playful with normal feeding habits it is probably nothing.If the kid is acting sick, it is worth checking out.
WHITE SPOTS MOUTH. There are several white spots inside the mouth. Herpangina presents it in the pharyngeal mucosa. Strep tonsils has some( exudate) . Koplick's spot of measles? Viral lesions inside the mouth. Best seen to diagnose by your md.

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My daughter got some cuts on her mouth and some white spots too, he hasn't been able to eat because she cries?

Primary Herpes . Simplex Virus 1 infections at 6 mos.- 5 yrs. can cause blisters that turn into ulcers on gums, cheeks, palate, tongue & lips, fever, drooling & refusal to eat or drink for ~ 2 weeks. Take her to a pediatrician tomorrow; if she appears dehydrated, take her to a hospital-based ped. ER tonight. Offer Popsicles, milkshakes, ice cream jello -no acidic or fizzy drinks. Give ibuprofen for pain & fever. Read more...

Daughter had tonsillitis 31st December took a week to clear, was a mild case, she now has white spots on her tonsils?

?????????? Your question is not clear. Tonsillitis is going to injure tissue and leave such debris.If it was tested and found to be strep, and treated with a penicillin drug, that will kill it.If it was viral (most are),no treatment is needed but there will still be tissue injury that must take time to heal. If this worries you, see the doc. If the kid is thriving, let her be. Read more...