Iam 7 weeks pregnant. I have had argument with my husband. He doesnt want to have a sex with me. What happened if I born the baby without sex.

No probs w pregnancy. So sorry to hear about your marital stress. Not uncommon. And pregnancy can bring this out, esp. if there are financial problems. You both have valid points - u just need help. Is husband willing to allow counselor or impartial wise friend to walk with you thru the major issue to a win-win solution? BTW, Not having sex won't hurt your pregnancy at all. Keep your prenatal appointments & care plan. .
Relax. Not having sex after pregnancy begins does not cause any problems at all. Having arguments and stress is not good for a relationship. Relationship issues need to be worked on long before that baby arrives.This is a good time to learn to communicate healthily and without anger. You will need that skill as parents, so talk to a couples counselor or therapist now since stress is going to increase.
Nothing. You can have the baby now since you are already pregnant. You don't have to continue to have sex until the baby is born.