Is my cancer located only in the pancreas?

Origin is pancreas. Pancreatic cancer, a cancer that originated from the pancreas. Typically, an adenocarcinoma. Unfortunately, it has a high propensity of metastasis to other organs (liver, etc.) and lymph nodes. It is rare to find this cancer at early/operable stage. Surgery offers the best cure. Typically, chemoradiation or chemotherapy is used to treat alone or in combination for advanced disease.
Need additional info. Whether one's cancer is limited to just one organ or has spread (metastasized) to other areas can only be determined by additional diagnostic studies, such as an mri, ct or pet scan. Even then, microscopic spread may not be picked up on these studies initially and a second study may be needed at a later time. Ask your doctor about the results of these other studies.
Impossible to answer. Without viewing your films or other studies, it's impossible to answer this question.
Be specific. You have to provide more information. I cannot answer your question.