Have small painful and itchy red bumps starting in middle of my spine. Nauseous, chills, night sweats. Bumps starting to go towards right side of back?

See dr. Sounds like an unpleasant infection. You are a bit young for shingles, which would give bumps to blisters on one side like you describe. I suggest you visit an urgent care center, your PCP, or if high fever or vomiting, perhaps the ER. Night sweats, chills, and nausea alone indicate an infection such as influenza or even tuberculosis. Please seek help ASAP.
See a PCP. It sounds like you have an infection that should be checked. It is impossible to diagnose without an exam, but you may have shingles. If you do have shingles, you would also need to be tested for risk factors for shingles such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc. . . These things can all cause night sweats. Follow up soon with a Physician.

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