How long does it take to heal a toe amputation when limited blood circulation?

Depends. If there is limited circulation then it may take a long time to heal. Has there been any vascular studies performed to determine where the blockage is occurring? If this blockage can be removed then it can help with the healing process.
Depends. Depending on the level of the amputation it will take 4 weeks or longer to heal if there are no complications.
TREAT CIRCULATION. Is the vascular disease being addressed? Unfortunately, with limited circulation, sometimes a toe amputation does not heal, leading to a higher amputation.

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How long does it take a toe amputation to heal in patient with limited blood circulation?

Depends. I would usually sau about 4 weeks but if there is severe compromise it could take longer. Read more...
Deends on other fact. Why are you having the toe removed.If it is because of circulation it could be a very long time if at all. Add diabetes or other problems and ? Everyone is different..Discuss this with your doctor. Read more...