Sudden severe headache in back of head. What can help?

Severe headache. A headache is a symptom, caused by some underlying condition. Sudden, severe headaches require attention and probable deserve imaging such at cat scans or mris. The best medical consideration is to seek personalized medical advise in a visit to your doctor, where age, family history and a good physical can be obtained.
See a dr. Headaches can come from fatigue, sleeping too much or too little, eye strain, sleep apnea, snoring, being dehydrated, having chronic sinusitis or allergies, too much caffeine or over the counter headache medication, high blood pressure or something more serious like a tumor. See your doctor and get checked.

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Sudden severe headache in back of head. Need new pillow?

May be migraine. This kind of headache may be due to pressure on the posterior or crvical branches. Botox injection have been used with some success. Surgical release may be needed.

What leads to a sudden severe headache above my eye that lasts only a few seconds?

Cluster headache. There are a variety of headahes. The type you describe is consistent a cluster migraine. It is important to be evaluated by a headache specialist to determine the type of headache and establish the best treatment.

Girlfriend is 22. >1 hr ago she had sudden severe headache, bloody nose, arm/hand numbness for >5 min. Now she just looks groggy. What can I do 4 her?

Get her seen today. This could be as simple as a complex migraine or something much worse. It is time to arrange your day around getting her seen in the next few hours. Her doctor if available, urgent care center or er.
Go to the ER. These are worrisome symptoms which need to be addressed right away. Go to the nearest emergency room and have her evaluated.

Had a severe headache all day. Hurts on sides of forehead and back of head towards neck. Already tried pills how else can I relieve it?

Severe Headache. That persists despite medication suggest that you seek medical attention as soon as possible to make certain that something more serious is not going on.

I am weaning off Klonopin and have Lupus. I have had a severe headache for a week. My temples, eyes, the region below the ears and the back of head hurt. I have never had this before and it worsens in light. Should I see a doctor or wait for it to pass?

Headache. Who is weaning u off Klonopin (clonazepam) and why were u on it in the first place? My guess is ur headache is related to this but u should probably call ur doc.
Lupus headaches. People who have systemic lupus can develop headaches that can mimic migraines but dont respond to migraine meds. Consult your doctor. You may have to go on steroids to relieve your headaches.
Dry eye? Also, with lupus, you are at risk for severe dry eyes that can potentially lead to all your symptoms. You can do an easy test. Try otc preservative-free artificial tears, 1 drop every hour and see if your symptoms improve at all. Either way, because your risk for dry eyes is so great, you should probably see an eye md as well.