my scalp has been so itchy and burns randomly. Now I have noticed a swollen lymph node behind ear. No infection recently. Should I see a doctor?

Folliculitis. You could have inflammation or infection of the hair follicles. Definitely see a doctor now that the lymph node has swelled up.
Yes. You should see a physician to determine if you have an infection in your scalp. Is the node on the same side as the itching and burning? Good luck.

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2 swollen lymph nodes behind ear. Extremely tired, itchy little bumps and a line of bruises? Anything to worry about?

German measles. Or rubella is a possibility. Would recommend checking in with your doctor since the rash is something that will have to be actually seen, Otherwise, your symptoms are suggesting a viral illness. Read more...

Doc said I have viral pharyngitis can this cause swollen lymph node near ear to burn? Sometimes the node is. In flamed and sonetimes not.

Yes. Our lymphatic system helps to drain infectious material and waste from different areas of the body. A lymph node can become enlarged & sore when this occurs. Here is a good site to learn more about the lymph nodes in that area & what they drain: http://quizlet.Com/324818/neck-and-lymph-nodes-flash-cards/. Read more...