I has MS and I take medicine for it. Would I be able to have a child if I wanted to and still be on medication?

NO PROBLEM. MS has no effect on pregnancy, labor, delivery, or limitations on becoming a mother, and furthermore, pregnancy is highly protective, especially the third trimester. Normally recommend stopping meds prior to pregnancy, yet, Copaxone (glatiramer) is the safest medication for women who become pregnant, and would not have any appreciable teratogenic risk. Would supplement folate & other prenatal vitamins.
Possibly. I have a mom who has gone through 3 successful pregnancies with a similar setup. The SSRI is a category C drug during pregnancy with some but workable effects on some newborns.The Copaxone (glatiramer) is a category B with no negatives.You will need to have great family support and or a nanny to deal wit rambunctious kids, so be prepared.