If I'm having a wisdom tooth removed in the dentist office. That means I prob won't be under general anethesia correct? B/c you need a way to breathe

General Anesthesia. isn't normally required for extraction of wisdom teeth - but IV conscious sedation may be used. Please ask your oral surgeon/ dentist what form of anesthesia will be used.
Wisdom Tooth Removal. can be accomplished even with local anesthesia alone. Some dentists additionally use Laughing Gas. Many patients request IV Sedation. General Anesthesia is rarely used and usually performed in a hospital. In all cases, with proper training, credentials, procedures and monitoring, the patient receives adequate oxygen. Discuss your options and risks with the dentist actually treating you.
Not true, an endotracheal tube can be placed and you can breathe fine whie dentist has full access to your mouth during general anesthesia.