34yrs, had an ACL surgery on right knee 2 yrs ago. Part of damaged meniscus was also removed. What precautions should I take to avoid Osteoarthritis?

Prevent arthritis. Part of prevention of further wear of ones knee is established by securing the structural deficits as u already have . Other pearls include maintaining good muscle tone, keeping your BMI below 25., Avoid quick cutting or pivoting sports, maintain a healthy diet to include vitamin e and glucosamine.
Avoid further injury. and too much running can predispose to early arthritis. However does not mean you do not exercise. other wise no way to prevent arthritis that comes naturally with age. weight gain is actually a bigger risk factor .

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I had ACL surgery 2 yrs ago and I have bad pain on the inside of my knee. Meniscus wasn't repaired.?

Meniscus=NotRepaired. by surgery. Only tears/pieces removed which may get trapped in narrow joint spaces & further compound cartilage damage. A likely better approach: combine Nutrasense glucosamine+chondroitin (molecular building blocks of cartilage, US produced) twice daily plus guidance from a physical therapist experienced in Robin McKenzie methods of teaching people how to recover function better than surgery. Read more...

6 months after an ACL surgery and meniscus repair and knee is still unstable? What could be the reason? Thanks

Knee instability. Depending on how long you were immobilized after surgery, you may have weakness in the affected limb/knee and should be going to or have gone for Physical Therapy. If it is still unstable, have a repeat MRI to make sure the surgery was performed properly and that the ligament has healed properly. Read more...

I had an ACL reconstruction surgery through arthroscopy technique in 2009 on right knee. I twisted the knee a bit n it swelled up for 2 days?

Swelling. swelling usually is a sign of trauma and it is one of the ways your body heals. If the swelling persists you should seek medical attention. If the swelling decreases that is a good sign the problem has resolved itself. To be sure see your doctor. Read more...