My LDL is 167 and cholesterol is 247. I can't take statins because they cause muscle wasting. Alternatives?

Diet and exercise. There are several non-statin medications that can improve cholesterol numbers, but the majority of evidence suggests that statins are the only agents that actually prevent things like heart attacks and strokes. The most beneficial thing that you can do is to live a healthy lifestyle-healthy eating, regular aerobic exercise, and not smoking. .

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What do you suggest if my LDL is 167 and cholesterol is 247 can't take statis causes muscle wasting.?

Statin intolerance. Hi. If you can't tolerate any dose of a statin, that's a bummer, but it happens. Alternatives you could use include colesevelam and ezetimibe. New drugs will soon be out that you could also use (PCSK-9 inhibitors). But at least for now, get on colesevelam and ezetimibe to get that LDL controlled. Good luck. Read more...