My doctor says I don't have cll but hairy cell leukemia? What is that?

A chronic leukemia. Hairy Cell Leukemia is another type of chronic leukemia (not CLL - chronic lymphocytic leukemia) and can be effectively treated. Presenting symptoms can be quite different and a challenge for diagnosis. Treatment has been very good. See site for info: https://www. Lls. Org/content/nationalcontent/resourcecenter/freeeducationmaterials/leukemia/pdf/hairycellleukemia. Pdf.

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What do you suggest if my doctor says I don't have cll but hairy cell leukemia?

Consult. Nowadays, every leukemia is typed by flow cytometry. Get with the laboratory and a hematologist who's at a major center. Hairy cell is extremely manageable nowadays.

Is cladribine a good medication for hairy cell leukemia?

Yes it is. Yes, it is. There are other medications besides cladribine that are also used for hairy cell leukemia. Discuss further with your oncologist.

Anyone here prescribe cladribine for hairy cell leukemia?

Sure. Sure, cladribine is one of treatments for hairly cell leukemia. So, what is the question? Http://www. Drugs. Com/mtm/cladribine. Html.

Can rituxan (rituximab) treat my hairy cell leukemia?

Generally, yes. Rituxan (rituximab) is an antibody that binds the surface of B lymphocytes, which includes hairy cell leukemia. By itself it can induce remissions, but it is more effective when given in combination with other agents. Here is a link to a recent paper: http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/25195120.