Will my voice sound normal again after the removal of nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps. once removed your voice quality will have less of a nasal quality but you need to stay on top of things, see an allergist determine if you have allergies or aspirin allergy and continue treating them do they don't come back quickly.

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Can you tell me about nasal polyps removed. Will my voice sound normal again after my removal of nasal polyps?

Depends. Nasal polyps are fluid filled inflammatory sacs that appear in the nose and sinuses of people with allergies, aspirin sensitivity, or chronic sinusitis. If your voice is nasal and congested it will likely improve but if your voice issues are caused by vocal cord polyps or other pathology than it may not. You should discuss this with your surgeon. Read more...

Why do nasal polyps interfere with my voice?

Varies. . Phonation is contributed by nose as well as the airways , palate , and voice box. Polyps will give your vocal sound a more twangy sound and you will sound "nasal" Read more...