Will an oatmeal bath help with atopic skin?

Yes for itching. It does not address the cause that is a shortaged of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Consult a nutritionist.

Related Questions

Does oatmeal bath stuff really help your skin, or is it a myth?

My patients like it. I have known many kids that looked forward to their special bath day as one of their few ways to escape some of the itching of eczema for at least a while.

How do I prepare an oatmeal bath for chickenpox?

Proper material. Oatmeal baths are not baths made from oatmeal but is made from the fine dust created in the milling of this grain. The fine dustlike material is added to leukwarm water and the kid allowed to soak for a period in the solution. It has a great effect on itching but may not alter the healing process.

Does an oatmeal bath help with chickenpox symptoms?

Sometimes helps. The oatmeal bath seems to provide some tempory help in the intense itching associated with many skin conditions, including chickenpox. Be sure to keep the water lukewarm or cool.

How much oatmeal do you use for an oatmeal bath for an elderly adult?

You don't use oatml. The preparation used for "oatmeal" baths is not oatmeal. That would produce a gooey mess. During the milling of oats, a fine flour like powder is created as a byproduct. This milling powder is collected, placed in single use packets, & sold to use as a wetting & anti-itch preparation. It is a good product & many patients enjoy it.